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in my head
in my head
in my head
in my head
in my head

Official music video for Sleepy Tom's single "In My Head" featuring Youngblood.

Watch here.

Director: Sophie Jarvis

Cast: Allie Shapiro, Alexis Young, Kieran Jarvis, and Cam Tatham
Producers: Geoff Manton, Kristoff Duxbury

Production Company: BOLDLY CREATIVE
Cinematographer: Jeremy Cox

Gaffer: Ben Dawson
Production Designer: Kara Hornland

Stylist: Roxy Jack

Makeup: Kelly Newman
Editor: Kane Stewart

Colourist: David Tomiak


"Really nice look and mood to this video for Sleepy Tom’s track with Blonde Diamond by Vancouver-based director Sophie Jarvis. Cinematography by Jeremy Cox (previously featured here)."

-"In My Head" is featured on Booooooom TV

"In My Head" is featured on Fantastic Music Videos

"Directed by Sophie Jarvis, the recently released video visually nods at film noir and Alfred Hitchcock as it possesses a sweaty, anxious paranoia — rooted in the very real possibility that someone or something is following you and that something horrible could happen just around the corner." - William Ruben Helms, "NEW VIDEO: ACCLAIMED CANADIAN PRODUCER SLEEPY TOM RELEASES A SULTRY AND SWAGGERING NEW SINGLE", is featured on THE JOY OF VIOLENT MOVEMENT


the widow
the widow
the widow
the widow

Virginia just arrives home from her husband's funeral, when a neighbor visits her. He offers to help her remove her husband's stuffed boar head, but they both know he has another reason to be there. 

Trailer for The Widow can be found here.

Directed, written, and produced by Noelia Maria Muiño González

Director of Photography: Asia Khmelöva

Cast: Allie Shapiro and Graham Powell

Composer: Adrian Garcia Planells


Best International Short Film Award by Festival de Cine de Alicante, 2019
Best Short Film Award by Festival Internacional de Ourense (OUFF), 2018
Best Short Film Award by M de Cine Festival of Meira, 2018
Best Director, Best Script and Best Photography Awards by Festival de Cans (Galicia), 2019
Special Jury Prize, Festival Riurau, 2019
Official Selection, Bizarrya Short Film Festival (Portugal); 2020
Official Selection, Gandhara Independent Film Festival (Pakistan), 2020
Official Selection, Elche International Independent Film Festival (Spain), 2020
Official Selection, International Festival of Film and Short Films, Norte de Santander (Colombia), 2020
Official Selection at the Mostremp, Cinema Rural al Pallars (Catalonia), 2019
Official Selection, Week of Author Cinema in Lugo, 2019
Participant of a Film Series by the Ethnographic Museum of Rivadabia, (Galicia), 2018
Participant at the Lux et Lex film festival, Lancaster (Pennsylvania), 2019
Participant of the Film Series ‘La Otra Mirada: Cine y Mujer’ (Galicia), 2019

Official Selection at the New York University Diversity Arts Festival, 2019


cassette romance
cassette romance
cassette romance
cassette romance
cassette romance
cassette romance


Cassette Romance is a project that is meant to point out some of the ugliness in relationships that you don’t see in movies, and why empathy for these moments adds so much value to storytelling and filmmaking as a whole.Toxicity on both sides of the tape. Watch here.

Written and Directed by Justin Donaldson
Producer: Failure Island
Cast: Jeff Ayars and Allie Shapiro
Director of Photography: Jacob Wilson
1st AD: Cameron Danger Strittmatter
2nd AD: Dorea Slagle
Photographer: Marina Barham


memory film
memory film
memory film
memory film
memory film
memory film


A piece about fragments of memory, a mother and a daughter, and a bathtub full of pussy willows. Shot on Super 8 Film.

Written and directed by Keira Sultan

Cast: Allie Shapiro and Emerald Toller

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