the ice, earlier today
the ice, earlier today
the ice, earlier today

Created, performed, and edited by Allie Shapiro, the ice, earlier today is an exploratory piece where objects, memories, and natural elements collide. Through the use of found footage, live voice over, and text the viewer is invited on a water-logged journey to explore a domestic aquarium from 1993.


Created by Buru Emeç and Allie Shapiro as part of Mistakes Will be Made Together, curated by Angie Cheng at Studio 303 (2019). Sorry Not Sorry is an interactive installation where the audience is both the interaction and the installation! This piece invites the audience to engage in active (and passive) listening, a series of mundane tasks, a series of apologetic tasks, and moments of 'serious', 'deep' reflection.



Created and performed by obra anaïs performance ensemble (Allie Shapiro, Burcu Emeç, Michelle Rambharose, Meagan Schroeder, Peter Shaw, Jillian Harris, Anthony Kennedy, Devon Bate, Alex Petrachuk). Descend a long way down into the basement of the historical Rialto Theatre for an intimate affair with nine performers who greet their roaming audience with clandestine meetings and the confessions of hidden secrets. CONFITEOR [vol.i] is a piece that extrapolates on nine individuals’ reflections on seduction: the performance of presenting one’s supposed best self through learned behaviours. The event is centered around discovery, divulgence, and persuasion and is approached through multiple contemporary theatrical forms. CONFITEOR [vol.i] opens up a space for reflection as it unravels the problematic, the absurd, and the erotic in these dances of seduction. 

Composers: BUFFLO, Xavier León, Malky, and tracks featured by SUUNS

Lighting Design: Darah Miah



CONFITEOR [vol.I] is awarded third best play in the Best of MTL 2016: Film & Arts category: Cult Montreal



"Go and experience this...this is what I am always hoping to see, people pushing the boundaries" - Re:Stage Review

Re:Stage Reviews does an in-depth video review of this production found here.


confiteor [vol.ii]
confiteor [vol.ii]


Created and performed by obra anaïs performance ensemble (Allie Shapiro, Burcu Emeç Michelle Rambharose, Meagan Schroeder, Peter Shaw, Jillian Harris, Anthony Kennedy, Devon Bate, Alex Petrachuk). CONFITEOR [vol ii] is an immersive theatre piece where performers explore varied reflections of their 'best revolutionary selves' and invite audiences to do the same by engaging with a dystopian, high-stakes world set in the year 2032. This show provides a uniquely intimate experience that calls for the critical examination of oppressive systems inherent within capitalism, such as surveillance and propaganda, that make radical movements of social justice necessary. In confessing the ways in which we cower from our most revolutionary impulses and desires for change, CONFITEOR [vol ii] poses an even greater challenge to its audience: to be more revolutionary in your daily life.

Stage Manager: Anna Lytvynova

Design Consultant/ Light Design: Darah Miah

Sound Design: Devon Bate

Music & Original Composition: Xavier León, malky

Projection Design: Xavier Leon, Anthony Kennedy

Video Design: Anthony Kennedy

Voice Performance: Noah Drew

Video Performance: Gabriel Schultz


Nominated by the Montréal English Theatre Awards (METAS) in the following categories: 

Outstanding Independent Production, Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Emerging Artist, Outstanding Set Design, Outstanding Sound Design (Devon Bate).


“Since its production of Confiteor: Vol II last year, up-and-coming performance ensemble Obra anaïs has proven itself to be a powerful, game-changing player in Montreal English theatre with its intersectional feminist and eco-socialist contemporary pieces that are engaging, provocative, and unique in aesthetics.”

Montreal Theater Hub

“Other independent productions nominated this year include Scapegoat Carnivale’s Bar Kapra the Squirrel Hunter, PlayShed’s Cock, Youtheatre’s P@ndora and Obra Anaïs performance ensemble’s Confiteor: Vol II.”

- Jim Burke, Montreal Gazette